Villa della Pergola and Alassio instantly resonated with me, as I also hail from a coastal locale. We find ourselves amidst a breathtaking setting, where the juxtaposition of a contemporary art museum, my previous backdrop, against the backdrop of an esteemed and famous historical estate, offers an incredibly invigorating contrast.

The gardens, the surrounding natural beauty, and the vegetable garden add significant value: maintaining a close, daily connection with the individuals who nurture and provide the essential ingredients for my culinary creations is a uniquely rare opportunity.


Tasting menus and an à la carte menu, with a rich vegetarian proposal using exclusively seasonal ingredients coming from the botanical Garden and the culinary kitchen garden Orto Rampante, will lead guests of the Nove on a journey to rediscover the flavors of the territory, passing through the excellences of our country and precious influences. To experience a new path: the evolution of the cuisine of Nove and its identity.

Nove has been awarded in 2020 with the Michelin Star.

via Privata Montagu 9
17021 Alassio (SV)



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